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symmetrical suburbs birds eye viewWhy we don’t Recommend Pressure Washing Your Roof

Pressure washers are glorious tools that get the job done effectively and efficiently. But if pressure washing isn’t done right it can lead to some serious damages, especially for your roof.

While professionals use pressure washers for all sorts of things, you’ll most likely never see it used for cleaning roofs. Here’s why…

1) Damage to Shingles by Uplifting Them

Pressure washers are powerful machines and your roof’s shingles are really no match. While not noticeable right away, when shingles are pressure washed water gets into the cracks and strips away the adhesive material that keeps your roof together.

This is what keeps your roof together and protects your home from the elements. It’s just a matter of time until your roof starts taking a beating from the weather. Pressure washing your roof may make it look nice but it’ll shave years off its life.

2) Gouged and Damaged Wood

Pressure washing can also cause damage to your home exterior if not done carefully. When used to their full extent, pressure washers have been known to crack driveways so there’s no question that they can break wood.

Not only is this unsightly but water getting into wood is probably the worst home damage you can ask for. This can caused your wood to expand and bubble up. It can even cause wood rot from the inside out, which is very hard to take care of.

3) Spread of Moss and Fungus Across Your Roof

You also run the risk of spreading moss and fungus to other places on your roof, or even onto a neighbor’s roof. It doesn’t take much from pressure washing to send things in the air.

This is mostly because of the lack of control someone can have while pressure washing. Although it’ll look nice when the job is done, moss will come back quickly and in higher amounts.

The Bottom Line

Pressure washing your roof will do more harm than good. This is why professionals use soft washing and wire brush methods. They’re safe, controlled, and most importantly don’t damage to your roof. Forcewashing uses the wire brush method along with a gentle rinse and treatment.

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