Roof not taken care of Vancouver WA

Roof not taken care of Vancouver WAGutter Cleaning & Consequences Of Not Getting It Done

Gutters are often misrepresented and undervalued features of a home and so is gutter cleaning.

While they primarily serve as a way to safely direct and distribute water flowing off of your roof. And most of the time your gutters are doing a good job but it can get messy if they’re left uncared for.

Here are some consequences to highlight why gutter cleaning is so important. Keep these in mind whether you clean your own gutters or hire professionals.

The Foundation of Your Home May Be Harmed

When gutters are clogged and dirty it can cause water to overflow and spill alongside your home. When this happens, the water is no longer directed to safe drainage zones and can cause the ground to soften, weakening your homes foundation.

This is a problem because the soil around your home becomes softened, which can lead to foundation cracks, movement and in extreme cases structural failure. This is an even bigger risk during the colder months when water freezes.

The risk heightens even more if you have a basement. If enough water finds its way to your basement walls it can cause black mold, flooding and water damage.

All Your Landscaping Efforts Can be Wasted

When excess water falls from your roof due to your gutters being clogged, it can kill plants and grass directly beneath your roof. When these plants and grass die so do there roots that hold the soil together. After that it’s only a mater of time until the soil is washed away and unpleasant ditches start to form.

Gutter cleaning not only protects your house but your lawn and garden too!

Rotted Wood and Pests

As your gutters stay clogged and overflow more water stays stagnant in your gutters after the rain stops. The longer this water stays pooled up the higher the chance of wood rotting around it (gutters are normally attached to soft woods that rot easily.

When this wood begins to rot it makes it easier for other wood around it to rot as well. This starts to break down your homes exterior walls and leaves openings for pests like rodents and insects.

Insects like termites are especially attracted to rotting wood and decomposing plants making clogged gutters ideal nesting place for them. When the weather changes these insects will find a way into your home and start infesting.

The Bottom Line

It’s very important to stay up to date on gutter cleaning and not to overlook it. If you see any build up, take the time to clean it or call a professional to do it for you. Gutter cleaning is a necessary tasks to upkeep the longevity of your home.

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