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Winter has come, now what?
There are a lot of things that we do to prepare for winter, and the checklist that we provided to[...]
The Gutters Story – Facts & Fun
You know how you can tell if someone is from the Pacific Northwest?  They walk in the rain with a[...]
Let’s get ready for winter!
At Force Washing we want our customers to be ready for winter with a list of key tasks that you[...]
Close Encounters of the Roof & Gutter Kind
We strive to gain your business and your satisfaction with our work here at Force Washing by cleaning your roofs,[...]
Roof Inspections: What you need to know
Did you know that over 30% of homeowner's insurance claims have to do with roofs? Imagine if your roof is[...]
Custom Roof Cleaning in Portland
Your roof and its environment are unique. Cleaning your roof requires a custom approach each time.  Portland, Oregon offers lots[...]
Is Your Roof Ready for Fireworks Season?
Sometimes the best view of the Portland and Vancouver fireworks is from your own roof. Watch safely and prevent accidental[...]
Preparing to Sell Your Home
One-tenth of a second is all it takes for a first impression to be cemented in our brains. That first[...]
Clean the Slate – Tile Roof Maintenance in Portland
Modern roof tiles are sometimes made of Portland cement (plus sand and water), while other tiles can also be made from sand (these do require an asphalt roof underneath). Out here in the Pacific Northwest, we see plenty of homes with the distinct terra-cotta orange clay tile roofs. They always catch the eye and stand out in any neighborhood, whether the sky is overcast or blue. Other tile roofs in the Portland and Vancouver metro areas are the cement variety and come in an array of colors and styles.
Roof Maintenance – How to Make Your Roof Last
If you read our post on the top 3 reasons why you should clean your roof you’ll know that replacing[...]
Gutter Guards – Are They Worth It?
You’re worried about your gutters clogging up and for good reason. If you’ve seen our post on the consequences of[...]
Gutter Cleaning & Consequences Of Not Getting It Done
Gutters are often misrepresented and undervalued features of a home and so is gutter cleaning. While they primarily serve as[...]
Landscaping For Beginners Best 3 Tips
Landscaping for beginners can be a challenge. There are so many things to do and so many options to choose[...]
5 Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal
We’ve all had the experience of passing a home that looks gorgeous and has great curb appeal. There was just[...]
Proper Roof Care – 3 Things To Keep In Mind
Roof care can be rewarding but also challenging and risky if the right approaches aren’t taken. You risk injury, damage,[...]
Why we don’t Recommend Pressure Washing Your Roof
Pressure washers are glorious tools that get the job done effectively and efficiently. But if pressure washing isn’t done right[...]
Moss Removal Matters – Eliminate Moss Growth on Your Roof
While sometimes it may look pretty, moss has the potential to cause severe damages on your roof. Mosses are small,[...]
Top 3 Reasons for Treating Your Home With Roof Cleaning
A dirty roof is an eye sore and can mean unwanted damages with severe replacement costs. Upon costing a lot,[...]


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