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Winter has come, now what?

There are a lot of things that we do to prepare for winter, and the checklist that we provided to you in one of our earlier posts is a great reminder and in printable form. But what about the things that we need to know about once winter has come?  Here are some fun and […]

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The Gutters Story – Facts & Fun

You know how you can tell if someone is from the Pacific Northwest?  They walk in the rain with a hooded jacket and there are few umbrellas in sight.  That’s because we know the rain will eventually stop and its usually a gentle rain that waters the grounds and trees. In heavy rain we stay […]

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Let’s get ready for winter!

At Force Washing we want our customers to be ready for winter with a list of key tasks that you can start doing now. So while you’re enjoying the leaves falling, take your time through the list and let’s get prepared for winter together! Interior Winter Checklist Check your heating and air conditioning system in […]

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Close Encounters of the Roof & Gutter Kind

We strive to gain your business and your satisfaction with our work here at Force Washing by cleaning your roofs, gutters, and driveways to perfection.  Every inch of detail is important to us; we maintain the highest quality of work and focus on making our customers happy; our reviews reflect that – thank you again […]

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Custom Roof Cleaning in Portland

Your roof and its environment are unique. Cleaning your roof requires a custom approach each time.  Portland, Oregon offers lots of ways to damage your roof. The rainy climate creates a damp growth environment for moss, mold, lichen, and algae. Our beautiful trees create shade for the moss and algae to continue to thrive. These […]

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Is Your Roof Ready for Fireworks Season?

Sometimes the best view of the Portland and Vancouver fireworks is from your own roof. Watch safely and prevent accidental roof fires with these tips. Clean your roof to prevent an accidental fire Now is the time to schedule your professional roof and gutter cleaning to remove moss, dry leaves, pine cones, and small branches. […]

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Preparing your home for the real estate market

Preparing to Sell Your Home

One-tenth of a second is all it takes for a first impression to be cemented in our brains. That first impression makes a lasting mental image from which all other thoughts and feelings are born. When you’re preparing your home for the market, curb appeal is vital. You want prospective buyers to see themselves living […]

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Gutter Cleaning Portland Vancouver

Gutter Guards – Are They Worth It?

You’re worried about your gutters clogging up and for good reason. If you’ve seen our post on the consequences of not cleaning your gutters you sure know how important it is to keep them clean. Installing gutter guards may be one way for you to do this. While clogged gutters can cause many different problems they’re […]

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Roof Cleaning and Roof Repair Portland moss

Gutter Cleaning & Consequences Of Not Getting It Done

Gutters are often misrepresented and undervalued features of a home and so is gutter cleaning.  While they primarily serve as a way to safely direct and distribute water flowing off of your roof. And most of the time your gutters are doing a good job but it can get messy if they’re left uncared for. […]

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