Roof Inspection in Vancouver WA

Roof Inspections: What you need to knowRoof Inspection in Vancouver WA

Did you know that over 30% of homeowner’s insurance claims have to do with roofs? Imagine if your roof is leaking water, this can cause problems such as damaged walls, furniture, electrical systems which could end up causing power outages or fires. A healthy roof protects you and your family from the elements outside and being in the Northwest we get our fair share of rain, snow, ice.

We all know that when we are purchasing a home, the roof inspection is key; having a secure roof is one of the most important parts of a home, it can also be a very expensive investment, especially if you bought a home under the pretext that everything was okay. But that’s not the only time that roof inspections should be considered.

A standard rule of thumb for roof inspections is twice a year in the spring and fall this is to prepare your roof for the following extreme season. Although that can sometimes be a challenge to get the inspection done as often as it is recommended, you will help to prevent damage to your roof and also get on top of any issues that may be developing.

It is also important to do some DIY work on your roof. We recommend taking a picture of it and put a date on the photo so you can see changes more easily when comparing photos together. These noticeable changes can be given to your roof inspector to address during your inspection.

A roof inspection will determine the reliability of your roof and how long it could last. Roof inspectors have very specific procedures that they follow to identify the life of your roof without having to remove shingles or tiles. For example, a qualified roof inspector has equipment and techniques that enable them to see if your roof has “hot spots”; areas on the roof where heat is escaping. Infrared tools are used for this purpose and can show hot and cold temperatures on a roof without disturbing the roof.

Schedule your roof inspections now, and prepare your roof for the upcoming season, it could end up saving you money and saving your roof.

Roof Inspections: What you need to know in Greater Vancouver WA

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