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Mossy Birdhouse Vancouver WAMoss Removal Matters – Eliminate Moss Growth on Your Roof

While sometimes it may look pretty, moss has the potential to cause severe damages on your roof. Mosses are small, green, flowerless plants that lack roots and seeds. Because moss lacks roots, they generally grow best in shady and wet areas. Moss removal is important for saving you time, money and stress.

Common signs of moss growth on your roof are black streaks and grass-like substances growing in the cracks of shingles. Since moss doesn’t have a root system, it grows by collecting and holding water in its leaves. This collection of water is what ultimately damages your roof and calls for moss removal services.

Now, if you aren’t afraid of being on your roof, there are a few things that you can do to prevent moss growth. Here are the 3 that Forcewashing recommends…

1) Remove Shady Areas on Your Roof

Moss loves the shade. It thrives in dark and cool areas. While there are some cases where you simply cannot help but to have shady areas on your roof, we would recommend doing your best to eliminate it.

Common cases where something can be done are trimming any nearby trees, taking down tenting near your home, and removing any unnecessary add-ons to your roof like overcompensating window shades or satellite dishes in darker areas.

A plus side to trimming trees that are near your home is that you’ll also avoid leafy debris falling on your roof – taking care of two things at once!

2) Use Store Bought Roof Cleaners to Impede & Eliminate Moss Growth

There are also several store bought solutions out there that can prevent moss growth! These work best for moss removal in areas of your home that are always shady and damp. Take a look at the list below…

Spray and forget outdoor cleanersSpray & Forget

This is a solution for removing, moss, mold and mildew off roofs and other surfaces as well. The name really says it all you simply spray and forget. No rinsing or pressure washing is required. It’s eco-friendly, biodegradable and is safe on all exterior surfaces.


Wash safeWash Safe Industries – Roof Wash

A professional roof cleaner specifically designed this product for cleaning roofs. To use, you simply mix it with water and spray it on your roof then you use a wire brush to gently scrape the moss away. This product does require some work to use it, but it’ll be worth seeing your roof shine.

3) Ensure Your Roof is Always Cleaned of Debris

Another leading cause of moss growth is debris on your roof. In order to further prevent moss growth you should keep it clean on a regular basis. This does mean going on your roof and inspecting regularly (maybe every 1-2 months) but it’s worth not having the headaches of a mossy or damaged roof later.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to take care of moss growth on your roof. However, it can be unsafe and Forcewashing would not recommend going on your roof if you are uncomfortable or afraid to do so. It is best to contact a professional who specializes in moss removal and can get the job done safely.

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