Custom roof cleaning in Vancouver WA

Custom Roof Cleaning

Custom roof cleaning in Vancouver WA

Your roof and its environment are unique. Cleaning your roof requires a custom approach each time. 

Portland, Oregon offers lots of ways to damage your roof. The rainy climate creates a damp growth environment for moss, mold, lichen, and algae. Our beautiful trees create shade for the moss and algae to continue to thrive. These trees shed leaves, needles, and debris that is carried by the wind and land in your gutters and on your roof. In the summer, add in UV sun damage and your roof is in need of care.

Moss, debris, and Portland elements all shorten the life expectancy of your roof. 

While you can’t control what happens on your roof, you can schedule an annual roof cleaning to prevent further damage. The reason? All the living plant materials on your roof build up over months. If the growing conditions are prime, and they are in the Pacific Northwest, then that moss thickens and spreads quickly. Rainwater, plus the moisture from the moss, absorb and hold the water on your roof, resulting in leaks and water damage inside your home. This is true for all roofing material: cedar shake, composition, and tile roofing.

Are you seeing black stains on your roof?

In addition to the green plants on a roof, you may notice black stains and streaks running down your shingles. Angie’s List identifies those as, “gloeocapsa magma, or GM, more commonly called mold or fungus.” This form of plant life is only found on the north and east sides of a roof due to less sun exposure. “GM has the ability to form an outer coating, protecting it from UV rays. When there is no light or low light, GM has a blue-green color. GM’s other self-protective factor is that it enjoys the cooler, shady areas of the roof where moisture is usually present.” Fascinating, right?

These black streaks aren’t just stains. They may also deteriorate asphalt shingles, by eating away at them as a food source, leading to water damage and roof rot.

Eco-friendly roof care is essential in the Portland and Vancouver metro areas.

Everyone has a story as to why they moved to the Portland-area or why they never left. One of the common reasons is that we simply love the beauty that the Pacific Northwest provides. That’s why we use eco-friendly cleaning methods on roofs. Hand-brushing, instead of using machines, not only benefits the life of your roof, but it is also an environmentally friendly method of roof cleaning to remove all that plant life on your roof.

When you work with us, we will clean and maintain your roof like the unique space that it truly is. Give us a call or send us an email and tell us what your roof needs. And if you’re up for it, share your Portland story with us as well.

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